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You will get an error when trying to create an account with the name "admin" (e.g. The error is "User, vCard or distribution list with this email address already exists". You will also be unable to add it as alias to an existing account.

The reason for that is that the "admin" name is already being used for an internal distribution list so it cannot be used again. You can get more details from bug kolab/issue589 that deals with this problem.

You may use the following workaround if you really need an "admin" address.


(Contributed 2006/10/16 by tboernert)

Use the workaround to add a postfix alias to an existing email account, e.g.

vi /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/virtual.template
<-------------------------- snip ------------------------>
<-------------------------- snip ------------------------>

Once you modified the file you need to run


Background: "admin" is already used inside a dn for Kolab Server's directory service.

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