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One of the major advantages of the Kolab Groupware server are the various clients that are capable of working together with it. While you can use just any e-mail client in order to receive, send and manage your e-mails on the server the following overview is concerned with the groupware features supported by each client. After all the groupware features are what makes the Kolab server interesting.


Full Kolab 2 support

A client "fully supporting" the Kolab server needs to be able to work with the addresses, events and tasks stored on the server. Ideally the client is capable of handling invitations and notes, too. The list of possible features is rather large for any groupware client and you can expect each and every one to have its own little advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to get a quick summary of the different features supported by the clients you should check the feature matrix:

GNU/Linux and Unix

Kolab is Free Software and most installations are based on the GNU/Linux OS. Consequently there are powerful clients available for this OS. This section does not list the web or OS-independent clients but these are of course also available.



Evolution is a Kolab-client, using evolution-kolab.

External web-links:

Microsoft Windows

It is no problem to use a Kolab client on windows usually Outlook. If you use pulau tidung murah Outlook you will have to buy a proprietory connector. Again this section does not list the web or OS-independent clients but these are of course also available.

Microsoft Outlook 


It exists a Kontact testing version for Windows and developing is happening to get a production quality version of this client.

Kontact for Windows

OS independent

These are clients that run on any common operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux):

Mozilla Thunderbird 


This Software direcly Reads the kolab.xml on the Server and converts it to html-Mail.

The iPhone (or any other IMAP-Ready Device) reads the Contacts directly from the server.

On the iPhone you can search your contacts and one click away is a direct call or an EMail-Editor

Download from sourceforge

Project homepage

Kolab WS

Kolab WS provides Kolab functionality as a web service.

Web based

These are web based clients that should be usable using any common browser.


Partial Kolab 2 support

As mentioned already you should be able to configure just any e-mail client for sending and receiving mails over the Kolab server. For some frequently used clients we did collect corresponding instructions here. Other clients might just support a tiny fraction of the groupware features provided by the Kolab server. These are also mentioned here.

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Outlook Express (email only) 

OS independent


Unmaintained or broken Clients

This section contains clients that once worked with Kolab, but do not anymore, or became unmaintained.


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