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This can be used to download mail from POP3 mailboxes and to deliver them to their respective Kolab users.



OpenPKG provides a fetchmail package that you can download and install.

OpenPKG has a special download policy on the FTP server. In order to download, you need to be a registred user and to use your login and password to identify to the ftp. Please consult http://registry.openpkg.org/help to learn how to download the required files.

 wget ftp://YOUR@OPENPKG.LOGIN@ftp.openpkg.org/current/SRC/BASE/fetchmail-6.3.10-20090703.src.rpm or
 wget ftp://YOUREMAIL%40MYISP.COM@ftp.openpkg.org/current/SRC/BASE/fetchmail-6.3.10-20090703.src.rpm

Once you downloaded the source package you should compile it to a binary package by running:

 /kolab/bin/openpkg rpm --rebuild  fetchmail-6.3.10-20090703.src.rpm

The resulting binary can now be installed using

 /kolab/bin/openpkg rpm -ihv /kolab/RPM/PKG/fetchmail-6.3.10-20090703.ix86-ubuntu9.04-kolab.rpm

The file name in the last line might look different depending on the platform your Kolab is installed on.

You can now use fetchmail to feed your mail into kolab via SMTP.

Enable the fetchmail daemon by editing /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/rc.conf.template and setting


Then run /kolab/sbin/kolabconf.

Now edit /kolab/etc/fetchmail/fetchmail.master to contain

 set postmaster "root"

and add the kolab user to /kolab/etc/fetchmail/fetchmail.user:


All user specific fetch rules go into /kolab/.fetchmailrc then. E.g.:

poll pop.mail.yahoo.com with proto pop3 user "example@yahoo.com" there with password "example" is "test@example.com at localhost" options fetchall

Make sure all this is on one line.

Finally run

/kolab/bin/openpkg rc fetchmail start


In case /kolab/bin/openpkg rc fetchmail start hangs forever there might be a problem with the configuration in /kolab/.fetchmailrc. Make sure the configuration lines are valid.

/kolab/bin/openpkg rc fetchmail restart can be expected to fail. I'm currently not certain why. The service can only be restarted by issuing killall fetchmail followed by /kolab/bin/openpkg rc fetchmail start.

Also make sure you check the log at /kolab/var/fetchmail/fetchmail.log if fetchmail reports any problems. This will only happen if the service is able to start though.

If you don't get the service started via /kolab/bin/openpkg rc you can also try to run it manually with

/kolab/bin/fetchmail -f /kolab/etc/fetchmail/fetchmailrc -L /kolab/var/fetchmail/fetchmail.log --pidfile /kolab/var/fetchmail/fetchmail.pid

This might give you more information about possible problems on the command line.

Using fetchmail from your host distribution

You can use the fetchmail that comes with your distribution as well. In that case make sure to use the kolab sendmail binary. This can be accomplished by running the opa (see also Kolab2_FAQ#Configuration_of_kolab2_-_general ).

Fetchmail with catch-all pop mailboxes

This fetchmailrc worked for me with a catchall pop box:

 no dns
 envelope Delivered-To:
 set postmaster "postmaster@mydomain.com"
 poll pop.someserver.com
 localdomains mydomain.com
 proto pop3
 user ""
 pass ""
 to *
 keep # For testing, comment out and use fetchall for live

If you get "mail forwarding loop" messages in the log instead of mails in your inbox than this may solve your probs. Vincent wrote: This will hopefully save somebody hours of googling........

 If using fetchmail with kolab, you may be collecting from an isp who uses
 qmail.  Qmail puts a 'delivered-to' line into the mail header.  When
 fetchmail passes such a mail onto postfix, postfix will read such a line in
 the header, and throw up a 'mail forwarding loop error, and not deliver the
 mail to the local user.
 The solution is to place 'dropdelivered' in the .fetchmailrc file as per the
 example which follows:
 poll mail at yourdomain.uk.com proto POP3
 user thisonedrovememad4hours at yourdomain.uk.com password foobar dropdelivered
 is localuser1 at yourdomain.uk.com here
 user foundtheanswer at yourdomain.uk.com password yippee@@ dropdelivered is
 foundtheanswer at yourdomain.uk.com here
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