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Main server development

The sources for the main server can be viewed online. If you want to start developing on the server code, you should retrieve a GIT clone of the repository. Development on the main server should take place on the distribution OpenPKG.

You should have a solid understanding of the Kolab Basic Server Components as well as the Kolab specific packages before starting to modify the server code. The Developers overview provides the best starting point to get in depth development information.

Client development

The main Outlook connectors are non-free but you can get involved in developing the Free Software clients (like Kontact, Horde, Thunderbird etc.).

Native integration into other distributions

Many people are interested in integrating the Kolab server natively into their favourite distribution instead of using OpenPKG. If you want to work on a similar project, check the Developers - Native integration page.

Future packaging method

Discussion is ongoing to replace the OpenPKG platform by another. See Developer packaging platform comparison.

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