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Configuration - General

  Outlook 2000 does not display the freebusy times, I have read all documentation, got all OL2000 updates and double checked the configuration, what could still be wrong? 
Try installing the web publishing wizard.
  The meeting requests and appointments seem to be off by one hour. What can I do about this? 
In nearly all cases this is due to a missconfiguration of the daylight saving or time zone settings of either Outlook or the Windows operating system. Verify that the settings in Outlook are correct. For this check Tools_Options_Preferences_Calendar Options_Time Zone in Outlook. Check all involved computers for the correct system time, time zone and daylight savings time settings. You may use the Date&Time applet in the control panel or by double clicking on the time in the system tray.

Configuration - Users

  How can I set up email forwarding and auto-reply for a user? 
Log in to the kolab server web gui and activate forwarding or automatic replies by selecting "My User Settings"
  Is there anything like the out of office assistant? 
Log in to the kolab server web gui with the user that will be absent for a while, then go to "My User Settings" and select "Vacation".
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