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This page is about the enterprise-4 version of Kontact for MacOS which is no longer in development. For the new version which includes KMail2 as the E-Mail client in Kontact see: Kontact_for_MacOS_(Enterprise-5)

The old enterprise 4 beta versions can be downloaded at http://files.kolab.org/clients/kontact-enterprise4/macos/beta-huge-debug/. Make sure to read the corresponding README file.

This beta software release is for experienced users
who want to help testing and development of KDE Kontact enterprise4
(a native Kolab Client). It is _not_ recommended for production use,
but only for testing! Keep a backup of your precious data!

KDE Kontact is Free Software under various copyrights and licenses, for details see the files coming with the distributions and the sources. Note that if you distribute the binaries, you MUST also distribute the corresponding sources with it.

Version 2008-11-19

Download: http://files.kolab.org/clients/kontact-enterprise4/macos/beta-huge-debug/20081119/

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