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This page is about the enterprise-4 version of Kontact which is no longer in development. For the new version which includes KMail2 as the E-Mail client in Kontact see: Kontact_for_Windows_(Enterprise-5)

The old enterprise 4 beta versions can be downloaded at http://files.kolab.org/clients/kontact-enterprise4/windows/beta-huge-debug/. Make sure to read the corresponding README file.

This beta software release is for experienced users
who want to help testing and development of KDE Kontact enterprise4
(a native Kolab Client). It is _not_ recommended for production use,
but only for testing! Keep a backup of your precious data!

KDE Kontact is Free Software under various copyrights and licenses, for details see the files coming with the distributions and the sources. Note that if you distribute the binaries, you MUST also distribute the corresponding sources with it.

Version 20091204-3

Download: http://files.kolab.org/clients/kontact-enterprise4/windows/beta-huge-debug/20091204-3/

Please view the README!

Version 20090605-7

Download: http://files.kolab.org/clients/kontact-enterprise4/windows/beta-huge-debug/20090605-7/

Please view the README!

Version 20090313

Download: http://files.kolab.org/clients/kontact-enterprise4/windows/beta-huge-debug/20090313/ Please view the README!

General Hints

An overview of the differences between versions and development progress can be seen from the current e4 NewsLog.txt

Switch to English

To change the application language of Kontact from German to English please use a text editor and change the locale settings in the file 'kdeglobals' to:


and restart all KDE processes (esp. logout, login). You'll find this file usually under the installed directory in 'Kontact\share\config' (e.g. c:\Program Files\Kontact\share\config\kdeglobals).

Or goto: help -> change application language

Backtrace for Crash reporting

If you encounter crashes, a backtrace might help the developers to find the defect faster. There are some hints doing a backtrace with gdb on windows in https://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Debugging_on_MS_Windows#MinGW_debugging_hints


DebugView and some other tools from the following URL can be useful to diagnose problems: https://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDE_on_Windows/Tools

DebugView will let you see the message of the KDE runtime system, which on GNU/Linux you can see on stdout or stderr.

Update to a newer version

To update to a newer version, uninstall the old version and reinstall the new version. At an update to 20090605-7 you need to reconfigure your Kontact, because the place ot the configuration files has changed.

Kontact and gpg4win

Some manual configurations are needed, if Kontact with gpg4win should be used. KDEDIRS should point on the GnuPG directory before it points on the Kontact directory. (e.g. KDEDIRS=C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG;C:\Program Files\Kontact) Path should point on the GnuPG dir before it points on the Kontact dir. Rename Kontact\bin\kleopatra.exe to Kontact\bin\kleopatra.exe.old. Rename Kontact\lib\kde4\kcm_kleopatra.dll too

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