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If you only want email functionality, you can use just the email features of kolab like this:

Add IMAP account

In Outlook, click on tools > email accounts... Select "Add a new e-mail account, click next Select IMAP and click next Enter your name, email address and name of server Be careful with your username, it is likely to be your full email address (ie myname@mydomain.com) Click next, done.

It may ask you to make a personal folders file, this is to store your personal contacts, calendar etc.

Add LDAP address book

Click tools > email accounts... Select "Add a new directory or address book" and click next Select "Internet Directory Service (LDAP)" and click next Enter the server name, click next to finish OPTIONAL: click More Settings... Click the search tab and enter in the search base "dc=mydomain,dc=com" <edit this>

Outlook and the kolab resmgr filter

You may find that outlook changes the headers of mail (no other mail program I found does this) so that when replying to mail you get an "Invalid From: Header" bounce. To fix this you will need to cripple the kolab filter: Edit the file /kolab/etc/resmgr/resmgr.conf and comment out the $params['verify_from_header'] = true; line.

// Should we make sure that the sender and From header match for mail
// that origins on this server?
//$params['verify_from_header'] = true;

Check that this works and fixes the problem, then edit the template in /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/resmgr.conf.template (otherwise the next change you make in the web interface will overwrite your changes)

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