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System Administrators


Gentoo supports installation of the Kolab server without the need for an OpenPKG environment on your system. This way you can use the standard system administration tools provided by Gentoo in order to care for your installation.


Before installing the server you should always check the latest news so that you are up-to-date concerning the project status.


Please read this information before installing Kolab2/Gentoo.


If you decide to try to install Kolab2/Gentoo this wiki will provide the necessary instructions:

Package situation

Some information about the package origins and the possibility of getting them included in the main Gentoo tree:

Upgrading the server

Before choosing your upgrade frequency and the desired stability of your server you should take a look at the

These are stable versions that have been released so far:

From time to time new versions will be marked stable within the overlay. This lists the necessary upgrade guides.

Maintaining the server

Once you installed the server the harder task begins: maintining it and keeping it in good shape.

The configuration concept

Kolab has a special configuration concept that you need to understand before modifying your setup.


Extending the server

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