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This Wiki is mostly outdated. Please help to bring it up to date. In the meantime, please check for current information.

Welcome to the Kolab wiki - the documentation cooker for the Kolab initiative. The goal of this wiki is to provide a base for collaboration on documentation. Parts of the content of this wiki may be used as a base for official documentation. By putting information here you implicitly allow to include it in the official Kolab documentation under a Free Software or Free Documentation license. Please feel free to add and change sections that you are knowledgeable about.

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Kolab topics

This wiki primarily structures information according to your relation to the Kolab server: whether you are a Kolab user, Kolab administrator, or a Kolab developer.

But sometimes you might be interested in all the information about one specific topic. This sections tries to provide access to some of the major Kolab Groupware topics.


Other portals

Kolab is based on the special Linux distribution OpenPKG that allows to install the groupware server on virtually every other Linux distribution within the special directory /kolab. But some people prefer to install Kolab natively in their distribution and consequently there exist several projects to transfer the Kolab server natively into other distributions. Some document the modified installation process here.

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