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Kontact for Windows is still experimental software.
As always you should keep a backup of your precious data.

The most recent experimental Versions can be downloaded at:


in the form of a single Installer Package.

KDE Kontact is Free Software under various copyrights and licenses, for details see the files coming with the distributions and the sources.

Some known issues and more technical information for developers can be found at:


General Hints

Dialogs in the background

Sometimes dialogs get opened in the background. Especially during initial configuration you might get the KWallet dialog and Certificate warnings as windows in the background. Please check your taskbar if you feel something should have opened.

Use KWallet !

If you want to save your passwords you need to use KWallet. Saving your passwords in the configuration files is insecure and does not always work. You will most likely run into problems if you do not use KWallet.

Use Kleopatra from gpg4win

The kolab client also contains kleopatra but it does not show the certificates that are installed correctly. Please just use the kleopatra from gpg4win to configure your certificiates if you need kleopatra.

Updating from an old version

If you previously had an installation of Kontact Enterprise 5 ( a Version published or with a Versiondata from before 2011) on your System please make sure that you deinstalled it and that the following Environment variables no longer exist:

- Variables starting with XDG_
- Variables starting with KDE

The Kolab Enterprise 5 Client does not need any environment variables to be set, to avoid such problems in the future.

You also need to delete all configuration so that your old data does not conflict with your new setup.

Delete all configuration

To delete all configuration files remove the folders .local .config .kde .soprano in your userdata directory. (e.g. c:\documents and settings\testuser\ on xp c:\users\testuser on win7) Also delete .kde in your application data directory (e.g. c:\documents and settings\testuser\Applicationdata on xp c:\users\testuser\Applicationdata\roaming on win7)

Switch to English

The client can be installed in English or in German. If you want to change the application language of Kontact from German to English please use a text editor and change the locale settings in the file 'kdeglobals' to:


and restart all KDE processes (esp. logout, login). You'll find this file usually under the installed directory in 'Kontact\share\config' (e.g. c:\Program Files\Kontact\share\config\kdeglobals).

Or goto: help -> change application language

Backtrace for Crash reporting

If you encounter crashes, a backtrace might help the developers to find the defect faster. There are some hints doing a backtrace with gdb on windows in http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Debugging/Debugging_on_MS_Windows#MinGW_debugging_hints


DebugView and some other tools from the following URL can be useful to diagnose problems: http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/KDE_on_Windows/Tools

DebugView will let you see the message of the KDE runtime system, which on GNU/Linux you can see on stdout or stderr.


You can use the Kolab E5 RC uninstaller in your installation directory or uninstall the Package by using the Windows Software menu. If there is still KDE Software or background processes running when you start the uninstallation it might not be possible for the uninstaller to delete everything from your installation directory. After a restart you can delete the Installation dir manually without a problem.

Warning: At the moment all files in the installation directory will be deleted! Please be aware that if you manually moved files into the Installation directory those files will also be deleted.

Update to a newer version

To update to a newer version, uninstall the old version and reinstall the new version.

Strange Problems someting is not starting etc.

If some strange failures occur this can be caused by "hanging" processes. In that case you can either try to kill all kde applications or simply logout/logon again to terminate those processes. When there still are problems afterward you can usually get assistance on the kolab-users mailing list.

For the historic enterprise 4 Version please check: Kontact_for_Windows_(beta-huge-debug),

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