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The user is one of four user roles in the Kolab Server.

Users are created of administrators, maintainers or domain maintainers.

Users can log in with their user id (UID) or primary email address (PEM) in Kolab webadmin and change their personal data und settings. In defaults, only administrators, maintainers or domain maintainers are able to modify the followings user attributes:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • UID
  • Account type
  • Email Aliases
  • User quota

If a user is created, his primary email address and mailbox home server are unchangeable.

How can I find the Kolab home server for a special Kolab account?

...width the commands listusers and showuser:

kolab listusers | grep user

kolab showuser | grep -i kolabhome
-> kolabHomeServer:

The mailbox of the user is on server

Alternative solution:
You can output the whole content of the directory service (OpenLDAP) with:


In the output you can search for the Kolab account.

How can I change name and primary email address of a user (e.g. after marriage or divorce)

The name of a user can change (e.g. from administrators) without any difficulty in the user management in the webadmin. The primary email address is unchangeable after creation of Kolab accounts.

  • An easy way to do solve this problem: add a new email alias address and change the UID of the user.
  • The best solution would be:
    Create a new user account (with new name and primary email address) and copy the old data of the user to the new account.
    This solution is also true for migrate users on a new Kolab server.
    The Raw-Howto document move-rename-user.txt in Kolab CVS give proper instructions.
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